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WE ARE CLOSED AUG 15- 26 and no orders can be processed during that time 

Our SHOWROOM is located at

18 Pauline Ave, Dingley Village, VIC 

Contact Karin 0412 442 174 for an appointment




Welcome to T3Tachyon

Welcome to our world of FOSTAC® tachyonised and energised products!

Tachyon Energy, a new powerful tool in the field of alternative healthcare. Learn about the profound benefits tachyon energy can have on all areas of your life. Tachyon products have a wide range of application:


  bullet   Improve energy level, promote strength and endurance  
  bullet   Pain management and relief of pain and acute symptoms  
  bullet   Revitalise and energise water and food  
  bullet   Neutralization of EMFs, Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic patterns  
  bullet   Enhance meditation, spiritual awareness and manifestation  
  bullet   Increase focus and concentration  
  bullet   Accelerate the effects of vibrational remedies  
  bullet   Rejuvenation and balancing of mind, body and spirit  
  bullet   Support physical regeneration